We cater to an extensive range of dietary requirements.

All food is included in the daily rate.

Our dry food range includes:

  • Royal Canin – Sensible, Urinary, Light Weight, Ragdoll, Persian, Kitten, Ageing, Hairball, Oral, Exigent, and Digestive
  • Purina One – Chicken, Salmon

Our wet food range includes:

  • Royal Canin pouches – Intense Beauty, Instinctive, Kitten, Ageing, Digest Sensitive, Urinary
  • Dine Desire – Chicken, Tuna varieties
  • Fancy Feast – Gravy Lovers, Classic Pate varieties

Our raw food range includes:

  • Jimbos
  • Raw Essentials mince mixes on request.

Our treats range currently includes:

  • Temptations
  • Greenies

Owners may bring their own food if their cat requires something that we cannot provide.