Cat Care

Coast Cattery is a purpose built modern building designed to allow us to follow best practice.

At Coast Cattery the comfort and happiness of our guests is our number one priority. We place equal importance on the physical care and the emotional well-being of our guests.

We record and monitor every cat’s eating habits, bodily functions, behaviour, and activity on a daily basis. This diary can be read by the owners on departure.

If you want to see our fantastic facilities first hand and to find out what makes Coast Cattery so special then please come along and visit anytime during our open hours for a guided tour and chat. No appointment required.

Physical Care

  • Individual warm, sunny rooms with outdoor views.
  • Each room has a window which can be safely opened for fresh air.
  • Electric heaters in each block and thermometers to monitor the temperature.
  • Snuggelsafe heat pads in winter.
  • Cooling mats in summer.
  • A choice of beds in each room with all bedding provided.
  • Torus water bowls providing clean, automatically filled, filtered water.
  • Stairs up onto the window balconies can be provided.
  • Security systems and smoke detectors in place.
  • Large range of diets catered for.
  • Our nearest vet is a few minutes’ drive away and is open seven days a week.
  • Simple medicines administered without charge.
  • Rooms serviced daily.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place for food & water bowls, blankets, litter trays, hallways and rooms (from ceiling to floor at changeover)

Emotional Well-being

  • Experienced staff who specialise in settling in timid, anxious and antisocial cats.
  • Cats who don’t eat will be given lots of reassurance and hand fed if necessary.
  • Lots of human interaction offered to each guest on a one to one basis several times a day.
  • Guests invited out to the hallway one room at a time for exercise, play (wide range of toys provided) and cuddles.
  • No communal areas with stressful forced socialisation with other cats.
  • Everything done at our guests’ pace in a calm, patient and relaxed manner.
  • Feliway diffusers throughout the cattery and Feliway spray used when needed as a top up.
  • Zoom Grooms used to massage, relax and brush those guests who enjoy it.
  • Gentle music piped throughout the cattery.
  • Clients allowed to take ample time to see their cats into their rooms on arrival and greet them in their room before departure.
  • Clients can bring their own blankets, toys etc. if they choose to do so.
  • Email updates offered to new clients or for those staying long term.